A closed door & an open window

Cheryl Jones

If you follow our page on Facebook, you may know that in November I applied to be a vendor at the Spring at the Silos event in Waco, TX. This was my second time to apply for one of the most coveted spots at a market event around the Silos. Well, I didn't get in. 

While it ruffled my feathers a little after reading the "no" email, I quickly realized something: this isn't for me.

We all get that feeling when embarking on a new adventure. You get the feeling that this adventure is right for you or isn't. I believe it is a still whisper from God that I can all too often blow off. But, when I slow down and really pay attention to that still whisper, I get it. So, you know when you know - if you slow down and listen. And, I am finally accepting that I know that the Silos gig isn't for me - at least not right now. 

So, now for the yes. Again, you know when you know. It is the same type of whisper from The One. This time, it came in the form of a year long waiting list on an application. It had to have been over a year ago that I applied to be a vendor at The Rustic Warehouse in Rockwall. Before I had even sat down to fill out the application, I had 3 nudges, if you will. One was from late night browsing on Facebook. I found their page and was drawn to everything about this shop. Another was while working at market. A young woman came into my booth, just stood there and repeated "You need to apply to The Rustic Warehouse". A third nudge was when I ran into an old teaching buddy at Home Depot. He very excitedly told me to apply. So, at some point, I pondered these things and I did.

The week after Thanksgiving, I went in for a potential vendor interview. And I will tell you that the enemy was telling me all sorts of nonsense as I'm driving there - "they're going to tell you no" and "just go back home". But, I didn't listen. I arrived, sat in my car for a few minutes praying that I would know if this what God wants me to do. I went in and the rest is history. Starting tomorrow, I will be selling my pieces that hang (Texas Shapes, Christmas Trees, Cabinet Door Letters) at The Rustic Warehouse!

All I can say is that there is no way this is an opportunity of chance. This is a result of God working on me to develop my patience and listening skills. While I am thrilled about this venue and this incredible opportunity to grow, I know that there is so much more involved in this that I can't even imagine yet.

So, if you are out and about in Rockwall, stop by The Rustic Warehouse and shop. 


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