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I strive daily to be more organized. I try to be the one with the meals planned ahead of time, the vacation itinerary organized and my clothes picked out the night before. I try to let words inspire me and remind me to remain positive and keep looking up. It sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. My life is not an array of chaos, but I definitely do not have it all together like that. You could say that an ultra organized life is my unicorn.

So, in my striving for excellence in these areas of my life, I started designing planner sheets, encouraging words and lettering practice sheets. So, if this helps me attain focus, why • not?

Below you will find some instant downloads for you to use if your "unicorn" is also in these areas.

Check back often for more goodies and encouragement!

And, if you are looking to start lettering, check out the blog post here with some tips and resources!


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