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Shop with a purpose

For every $10 you spend in this collection, a mini art set will be purchased for an art student at Mesquite High School to use on distance learning projects during the remote learning phase(s) of this pandemic.

The mini art sets include: 12 count markers, 12 count colored pencils, watercolor pan

You will be emailed a form to provide a short note of encouragement to include in the package when the sets are mailed to the students at their homes!

Cheryl, The Crafty Ginger, is also an art teacher at Mesquite High School. MHS is a Title 1 school which means a great majority of the students are on free & reduced lunch. For many families, school supplies are not a priority due to financial burdens. I feel art students from any societal class need an opportunity to create and use tools to do so. My hope is to have something for every student enrolled in an art class at our school.