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The Blanket Ladder

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The Blanket Ladder
The Blanket Ladder

❤️ Our take on the blanket ladder using discarded pieces of old chairs and such ❤️

Each ladder is different than the next due to available pieces & finds. But the details/dimensions are the same:

  • 5 feet tall
  • 21” - 22” wide
  • 18” rungs
  • decorative chair spindles used as rungs
  • available in the color of your choice
  • sealed with protective coat to prevent distress to the ladder or blankets
  • 4 rungs spaced 12” apart starting at 6” from the top

Disclaimer: This ladder is purely decorative and not made for climbing. It will not hold your lightweight children or adult frame. Please discourage inebriated individuals from attempting to climb this ladder. (We have to say it because it’s either been done or questioned.)

Local (DFW, TX) delivery/pickup available. Shipping available as well.

Message us if you have questions!

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