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Weekly Planning S•O•S

Cheryl Jones

I am seriously trying to do better at weekly planning. Technology is great, but in the area of accomplishing tasks I've added to my calendar, I am F•A•I•L•I•N•G. So, I'm taking it back to the old school way of doing things - W•R•I•T•I•N•G out my weekly plans.

This is what I'm doing with this grandiose idea. I've made my own weekly planning sheet (you can download it here). I bought my favorite pens, Sharpie pens, in my favorite colors. I picked up some cute Washi tape at Super Target. I feel like I need to have these things I like to make this weekly plan writing enjoyable. Totally justifiable!

On Sunday afternoons, I am going to write out my week and tape it to the refrigerator. If I don't accomplish all written in the "To Do List..." section, I'll carry it over to the following week or let•it•go!

If you are looking for a weekly planner, you can design one or you can check out these I found on Pinterest!

Either way, try writing out your plans if you are hitting a wall with technology and planning. I'm optimistically calling it - this will change your life!

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