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Here are some things I am often asked. Maybe the answers can point you in the right direction for purchasing or ordering a product!

Do you make all of this yourself? Yes, I do. Sometimes I consult my dad or husband on things. But, I measure, cut, sand, glue, nail, stain, paint, letter, etc. ALL of it on my own.

Do you paint/refinish furniture? I do. We will need to consult before any agreement of service can be made.

Are you a teacher? Yes. I am a high school art teacher. So, unfortunately, The Crafty Ginger is my part-time gig - for now.

Where do you get your wood? I find pieces on the side of the road (torn down fences, scraps, pallets, etc.). I also know people who give pallets to me because they know I like doing this stuff. I purchase what is needed.

Where did you get the idea to start making all of this? Well, I've always been up to something artsy and/or crafty. Read my story to find out more. While I was in the hospital one summer, I watched tons of HGTV. Flea Market Flip, Property Brothers, Rehab Addict and Fixer Upper fueled this fire! 

Can you do lettering on any surface? Yes, well, almost any surface. If you have an idea, contact me and we can discuss it. I sure will try! See my blog, Crafty Happenings, to see what I've done so far!

Do you take custom orders? I absolutely do! Contact me and we can discuss it! Check out the Custom Orders collection and see my blog, Crafty Happenings, to see what I've done so far!

Do you deliver?  I can deliver items if you are in the DFW area. Otherwise, I will mail your item to you. Please note that larger furniture items WILL NOT be shipped. Those only qualify for local pick-up or delivery.