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Amy's Table: w.i.p.

Cheryl Jones

Amy, my best friend (since we were silly, little girls), has been looking for a thin entryway/sideboard type table. So, Richard, her husband, asked me if I could make one! Well, of course I'm going to try. 

I started over. 3 times. So, here is where I am at this point. The top will be something like this:

The legs look like this:

Now I feel like I'm on the right track and this will be finished by the end of the weekend! Excited!

There is a very certain surge of passion that comes with figuring something out and suddenly knowing how to solve the problem. This energizes me! What I have pictured below brings that on more than any other creative thing I've done in a very long time. The excitement I feel for this process makes me feel like somewhat of a fraud in other areas of my life. I am so excited to finish this and give it to my friends this weekend. I hope they love it half as much as I love making these crafty creations!






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