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Miter Queen

Cheryl Jones

My mom and dad think it is really funny that I am the one who wants the power tools and my brother doesn't. I've taken a liking to working with saws, sanders and nail guns. It is my therapy, to an extent. 

Last week, my dad taught me how to use his miter saw. That is one magical piece of equipment! I love it and I want one of my own!

This is what we made (just trying things out):

I posted my new found love of the miter cut on Facebook and a sweet friend called me the Miter Queen.

Anyway, out of that practice, I have come up with another favorite product: the framed monogram letter! I am going to make a variety of frames (different shapes and stains) and let people order then tell me which letter to add to the center block. 

I really think these will look so cute on a gallery wall with all of the wonderful photos displayed in a home!

I'm so excited about these that I made one for myself!

Order your own frame here!

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