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A little about me...

Cheryl Jones

My name is Cheryl and by day (and August - May) I am an art teacher but in my spare time, I have taken to building and creating home accents from wood scraps, torn down fences, discarded pallets and even furniture left on the curb. I'm crafty (and even though the "ginger" is fading, I still claim it)!

I make all of these pieces myself. I design, cut, sand, paint, stain, and letter it all. I can use a saw, drill a hole, hammer a nail and rip apart a pallet all while keeping my nail polish chip-free!

While I've always had some sort of artistic drive in my blood, this particular idea bloomed during a 6 weeks hospital stay + weeks of follow up treatments the summer of 2015. (If you'd like that story, check out my Caring Bridge page). But I have now lost site of that and enjoy making these items because it is therapeutic and relaxing to me after a hard week of work.

My influence comes from Joanna GainesClint Harp, Ana White, DIY Huntress, Shanty 2 Chic, to name a few.

With an artistic background - teaching art for 17 years and doing other artistic things - I'm fully vested in doing the cutting, painting, lettering and designing myself. I value the creative process and take pride in the unique differences in each piece I create. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same!

I would love for you to look around the shop. Also, follow me on Instagram or like my page on Facebook for the latest products or promotions!

If you have special requests, just ask and I will see what I can do!

Thanks for visiting!

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