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A little Sunday afternoon reno...

Cheryl Jones

After a week of being on the go with family, projects, life and a vendor fair, I decided to spend my Saturday night like this:

It was refreshing and I slept so well last night! As I often do, I dreamt of the projects I want to do around the house and I was so happy with them in my sleep. Upon waking, I decided to start one of these happy dream projects because I want that happiness when I'm awake, too!

A little over a year ago, I bought this book case. I had it decorated and set up nicely, but I was never completely satisfied. I was constantly unhappy about the dark cardboard-like wood piece in the back:

So, I took off the dark board and got busy! I bought some fence posts from Home Depot, white washed them and cut them into 29.5" pieces. After that, I laid the bookshelf face down and nailed the pieces to the back. I had an idea of what the finished piece would look like, but when I stood it up, I fell in love!

This project also served as a little cleaning out/organization project - it made me go through the things previously on my shelf and sort/clean/discard. So, now I have it set up the way I like and I feel that happiness I felt in my project dream. The lighter wood really gives that wall of the room a lighter look and I absolutely love that!



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