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DIY: Ribbon Curtain Photo Backdrop

Cheryl Jones

I was asked by a 16 year old birthday girl to make a photo backdrop for her and her friends for her party. So, I made a ribbon curtain backdrop for the occasion! It is actually pretty simple and the end result is adorable! These ribbon curtains photograph really well and look great under any photo filter.



What to do:

  • Decide how tall you want this backdrop to be. The pictured backdrop is 6 ft long and 5 ft tall.
  • Depending on the height you choose, cut your ribbon a little longer than your desired height. I cut each strand of ribbon at 6 feet long.
  • Fold the ribbon over the board and hot glue it on the front and back. It seems to anchor the ribbon to the board better.
  • As you add ribbons, do it sporadically over the board to get more variety. You will want your ribbons to overlap eventually so that the curtain of ribbons looks full. By gluing ribbons randomly along the board, you are forced to overlap as you fill in the blank areas.
  • Add paper streamers in the ribbon mix to add even more variety.
  • When you are satisfied with the fullness of the ribbon curtain, You can embellish the top (the board) to hid the areas where the ribbon is glued. I cut Mardi Gras bead necklaces, draped and tied them with thin jewelry wire around the hobby board. I added a dot of hot glue where the beads touched the board for good measure.

To hang the ribbon curtain:

  • Use Command Utility Hooks on any wall. You can rest the hobby board on the hooks. At the end, the Command products come off the walls nicely with no sticky residue or destruction!
  • Or, rest the hobby board on top of a bookcase and let the ribbon curtain hide the bookcase!

Have fun with this project! Post your creation or tips in the comments!

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