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The Beauty of the Blanket Ladder

The blanket ladder is one of the greatest decor necessities in my home! I love, love, love it!

You see, I live in Texas and we have winterish every other week or so. So, my blankets are on and off my ladder constantly! This ladder is more than a decorative piece in my home. It's functional.

The warmer weather we had this week (it was in the 80s on Tuesday) has me thinking of what I will do with this little beauty once I hide the warm, fuzzy blankets due to the warmer/hotter months. As I often do when I have a query that takes over my mind such as this, I tapped in to Pinterest to seek advice.

My little Pinterest expedition took over my evening and kept me up past my bedtime, but I found so many ideas (and pinned them to a new board - The Beauty of the Blanket Ladder Pinterest Board)!

So, here are some of my findings:

  • hang wooden letters on twine from rungs
  • decorate with yarn pom garland
  • hang a wreath over a ladder post
  • hook wire baskets over the rungs
  • hang an old book over a rung
  • hang lightweight blankets for the warmer months
  • hang beach towels on the ladder out by the pool

The ideas can go on and on and on...

Share your blanket ladder decorating ideas in the comments!

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