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Make your own font

Cheryl Jones

It rained and I couldn't really get out there today to work in the garage like I wanted. So, I spent some time on the iPad Pro working on lettering projects. I like working on the iPad because I can lay on the couch and be totally comfortable (lazy, I know).

I found this site called Calligraphr. It allows you to use your own writing to make a font. I've only made about a million fonts with my own writing today. It is pretty amazing! If you are using a drawing app like the Procreate app, you can insert a png or pdf of the Calligraphr template and start writing your lettering in a layer on top of the template! The site also gives you instructions for printing the template, drawing your lettering and then uploading the template to the site. The site is pretty user friendly and gives you options to pay for more advanced options.  

I • am • in • love • with • this • site! And, if you're a lettering geek like me, give it a go. It's a game changer!



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