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I got married!!!

Cheryl Jones

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I will say that this year (2019) has proven to be an extremely busy one so far. I've been absent from markets and neglecting this site as well as social media sites. But, my reason is completely justifiable - I GOT MARRIED!!! And, with planning life events, some things fall by the wayside. 

Our wedding was small with family and a few close friends. It was held at Central Lutheran Church in Dallas, TX and our reception was at Rosalind Coffee in Garland, TX. It was absolutely the happiest day ever! We spent our wedding night at the Cambria Hotel in downtown Dallas and then headed off to honeymoon in Fredericksburg, TX for the week to stay in an adorable cabin a secluded part of the hill country (check out Absolute Charm B & B). It was absolutely wonderful and I can think of no other way I would've wanted to marry this man that I love so dearly!

As I posted on our social media sites (Instagram and Facebook), we are back at it and are stepping out together in this "Crafty Ginger" business - even though he isn't a ginger. We are also adding refurbished/repainted furniture to our line up (this is something I've always loved doing but have never really had the time or resources) and bigger builds (stools, tables, furniture).

So, make sure you keep up with us on social media to see new products added and we will be posting upcoming events soon!

PS - Some have asked if I made my decorations for the wedding. Yes I did and here are some pictures! Let me know if I can help you with your event decorations!


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