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Side Hustlin' is a Passion


As you may or may not know (depending on if we have ever met and had this conversation), I am a full-time, high school art teacher. I have been teaching for 20.5 years now (I started when I was 10! Ha!!) And, according to the state of Texas and TRS, I am eligible for retirement in 2026! There have been times throughout my career, when I was single, where I worked a second part-time job. It was never a necessity but I had been known to have "champagne taste on a beer budget"! So, in 2015, after an intense recovery from surgery, 7 week rehab hospital stay with 24/7 HGTV inspiration (mainly Flea Market Flip), I came up with the idea for The Crafty Ginger. It's my creative outlet, my growing passion, my extra cash in my pocket, my after retirement plan and my way to serve others (I have BIG prayers and dreams regarding this).

As I've been on this journey, I've learned that there are so many other teachers who create and make on the side (and they aren't always art teachers!)! And it isn't always the result of a monetary need. Think about this - teachers are passionate people. You can't be void of passion and continue in a classroom year after year. The 30 + little ( and adult sized) bodies in each class are challenging in ever aspect of the word "challenge" and it takes passion to go back the next day, week, semester, and year. For many of us who teach, this passion isn't solely for the classroom. It spills over into other areas of our lives: church, family, creative ventures, entrepreneurial opportunities, and more. We side-hustling teachers are passionate about our craft!

So, what I want to do here is highlight some teachers who "side hustle" and have a passion for all they do (adding more to the list as I get permission to share their sites).

Support them, share their posts, refer friends to them, show them some love!

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