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Jenna's table

I'm making a table for little Jenna. She's almost 4 and needs a table of her own to do the things little 4-year old girls do! I started off by painting the boards for the table top in turquoise, pink, brown and white.

Before this is all said and done, I'll sand these boards again to make sure the rough edges and splinters are gone.

I'm thankful for spring break (a perk of being a teacher)! Today I got the legs cut and the frame built. This little table is going to be so cute! I'm excited!

So after a few months of staring at this table, I finally figured it out. I found this great table with these legs in my neighborhood. So I had my little table demo day, painted some things and now have this:

I love this! I hope the 4 year old who receives it loves it too!

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