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My 8 year old niece has recently learned how to use Messenger Kids on her little iPad. She sends funny pictures, silly stickers and really short sentences. I love every single thing because I’m her “Auntie” and that’s what I do.

Recently, she sent a video message to say she hopes I’m staying safe and healthy and that she misses me. It was the sweetest and I might have geared up a bit. But what really got me is the end of her video when she said she wishes she could do "art class" with me. {For those who may not know, I'm an art teacher by day. But now I am on summer break from the end of the distance learning end of the school year. When my niece and I - and sometimes my 5 year old nephew - sit down to draw or paint, we call it "art class"!}

So, I came up with an idea to make a video series for her (and my nephew) and call it "Art Class with Auntie Cheryl". Since my family and her family are practicing #stayhomestaysafe, we can still enjoy our creative time together but at a distance.

Our first "art class" is sidewalk chalk fireworks. And, I have just about as many adults without children at home doing these as I do little kids. It's awesome!

I shared it on the Crafty Ginger Facebook page and I'll share it here:

So, I hope you enjoy this and find ways to stay creative during this strange time! I'll add more creative videos soon! ♡


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