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Patterns {or lack thereof}


I'm one who does very well with a schedule or agenda - really well. When I'm left in the wild, I do tend to roam aimlessly. My super sweet husband found this button once on a job and brought it home to give me. #truth

As you might not know, I am a high school art teacher. I have been teaching at the secondary level (grades 7-12) for 21 years now. So, following a schedule is my thing. It's my job! Yes, after 21 years of following pre-set schedules, I do feel like I am numb to them and just going through the motions at times.

BUT... I haven't been in my classroom since Friday, March 6, 2020. We had "SPRING BREAK 2020!!!!" at the beginning of the pandemic then transitioned right into "distance learning" - which quickly became "shelter in place". The "distance learning" officially ended at the end of May (I'm not sure which day because I confused that schedule with my own made up schedule). And so began the awakening I didn't know I needed.

Until recently, I never knew how much I need to shake up these patterns and schedules!

I started doing puzzles. I stick to the 500 piece puzzles because I don't want to commit to 1000+ pieces. I like how the alternating puzzle piece shapes interlock and complete a scene or design

I became obsessed with quilting patterns! I don't want to sew one or anything, I am just fascinated by the patterns that are made. I even started a board on Pinterest.

After following #woodwallart on Instagram, I began cutting the ends of the scrap wood in the garage into 45° angles. So much of it.

I like patterns and quite frankly, I need them. But, I realize that the overall ruling pattern in my life from August - June shouldn't be the only one or the one that gets all of my attention. 

One tangible result from the pattern craving epiphany is this piece I made recently. It's inspired by new quilting pattern obsession, it's made of reclaimed wood and frame pieces with ends cut at 45° angles and the pieces fit together in the way a puzzle might.

In a few weeks, I will be returning to my classroom to teach remotely. I'll be back on my schedule, somewhat. But, in the meantime, I think I want to take this new realization with me and see what other patterns I can create with my 45° angle cut boards. 

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