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This bird...


I was asked to consider doing a live painting alongside an incredibly talented pianist in an intimate home concert. In all honesty, I wrestled with the idea for awhile. I love creating tangible pieces for others - I just don't want others to watch me do it. I mess up often, I make a huge mess, I second guess myself. The creative process for me is me in 100% flawed human behavior mode and that just isn't something I let everyone see! It isn't "Instagram worthy".

But, nevertheless, I did the live painting. I shut up that inner critic and let myself be in my creative moment in front of people - strangers mixed in with some familiar faces. These people saw it happen right there in front of them. And you know what? It wasn't bad. In fact, I am ready to do it all again!

This is what I painted (and it sold that night!!):

Watch this video: How to stand up to your inner critic

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