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Welcome to my glittery sawdust world!

Cheryl Jones


Thank you for visiting my online shop (or for visiting me at a marketplace/vendor fair)!!

My name is Cheryl and The Crafty Ginger is my passion project. I'll tell you more about that in a minute...

But first, I am a born and raised Texas lady. I grew up in Mesquite, TX, graduated from (Southwest) Texas State University in San Marcos and currently teach high school art in Texas. So, I love this state and all things Texas because this is home.

While I've always done creative, artistic things, I've never felt 100% passionate about what I did (I could draw anything you asked but it never excited me). The ability to draw and create is a God given gift. I used to be so ashamed that I wasn't consumed by it like many other successful painters and artists. 

I've had some health issues along the way and a few years ago I had a huge one that landed me in the hospital for 7 weeks (a few days recovering from surgery, a few on the ICU floor and then 6 weeks on the rehab floor). I actually am thankful for that experience. It brought me here. During the time on the rehab floor, I came up with an idea to start creating, designing and making. I couldn't wait to get home and out of the walking boot so I could start!

My dad let me try out his jigsaw. I loved it and wanted more. So, I am working my way toward a complete wood shop!

Yes, I still love all things girly (glitter, the color pink, make-up, pretty handwriting) but this reclaimed wood working thing consumes me and I love it!

I participate in The Urban Flea, The Marketplace DFWVintage Market Days, do custom orders and spend my free time in my glittery sawdust coated garage! I'm always looking for new places to showcase my creations!

I love hearing from my customers who are now becoming friends! Drop me a line to introduce yourself or talk custom orders!

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