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I still ❤️ a good sticker


I remember being in elementary school and collecting stickers - well, adding stickers to book covers, Trapperkeepers & folders.

Well, it seems my love for a good sticker is still engrained in my soul.

Backstory: I recently was introduced to a Facebook group for those who attended the college I graduated from years ago {Southwest Texas State then but Texas State University now}. 

Those of us who attended before the name change are very passionate about keeping that name alive. The logo “SWT” was plastered on everything. And, following the name change, items with the “SWT” logo began to become extinct. 

But, thanks to modern technology for the DIY entrepreneurs and side hustlers (like me), the “SWT” logo has been brought out of extinction and lives on!

So, back to my point, I came upon a post in the college Facebook group of someone sharing the coveted “SWT” alumnus sticker we were given upon graduation {the one I seem to have misplaced after all these years}.

Finding the Etsy shop, placing the order and receiving these stickers in the mail was a “day made” moment for me.

So now, I am working on finding the perfect spot to display these favorites just like I did with my Lisa Frank unicorn stickers back in the day.

The pandemic has brought forth some greatness in the minds of small business creatives. Take advantage of it while it’s here and keep supporting the small businesses!

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