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Shop Small Business Saturday!

As a small business owner, I can tell you that I (and others in this world of small businesses) really do a happy dance with each purchase. For me, this is my side hustle. I'm a teacher by day and a small business owner every second I'm not in the classroom (if you know any teachers, there are many who do the same).

Because you really are what makes the world go around in a small business, we want to give you some incentive to shop with us, especially on "Small Business Saturday"!

So, join us on Saturday, November 30 • ALL DAY! Here, on this site! 

  • 20% off $35 + purchases AND other specials!
  • Get reminders for the event through Facebook
  • Follow us on Instagram for reminders as well

We hope to do business with you!

Cheryl & Andrew

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