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Stick with love {hand lettering freebie}


This week I am focusing on a reset. In the daytime, I am a high school art teacher. Since we have been back for this semester, Covid has wreaked havoc on staff & students alike!

On Friday, our district made the decision to close for 2 days after our Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in hopes that a small break from crowded classrooms and staff shortages will help. We are praying it does!

With this break, I am mindfully practicing resetting {my heart, my outlook, my patience, my perseverance - all things that cause a war of love vs. hate in my spirit}. So, it is only appropriate that I take inspiration from one of the most influential quotes from a man:

”I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

You can practice hand lettering while focusing your mind and blocking out the complexities of life.

Each week:

  • download the lettering pdf
  • trace over the gray lettered words
  • practice copying the font styles
  • practice your own lettering styles

Then you’ll do this:

  • print the lettering page (see the link below)
  • grab your favorite pens
  • go to your favorite quiet space
  • get lost in the art of lettering while focusing on the word or phrase of the week

Overtime, your lettering will improve and you’ll find your mindset changing for the better.

The phrase to practice lettering this week is “stick with love”.

  • Click here to print the lettering page for this week.
  • Click here to print a blank lined page for more lettering practice.

Here are some of my favorite pens I’m using this week:


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